January 21, 2008


Day 1 at loveLife couldn’t have been more exciting and fun.  I knew the NGO was huge, but I don’t think I truly understood their depth and breadth in South Africa.  As SA's largest HIV prevention NGO, they are essentially everywhere – their magazine in every major newspaper and rural community publication, their radio and television PSAs on nearly all possible outlets, their “groudBreaker” peer educators in every province, and the list goes on… So needless to say, I’m quite excited about the opportunity to work with them.


But beyond the organization itself, the best part has been the people, who I firmly believe make the difference in any professional experience.  They’re all smart, funny, cool, and deeply passionate about what they do.  They’ve been incredibly kind to me and have gone to great lengths to make sure I’m taken care of and included in every part of their campaign’s development. And perhaps MOST exciting, they all have their shit together.  For the first time in a long time, I don’t feel like I’m in a stereotypical “non-profit” environment.


Also, exciting is their creative energy.  Although often criticized for doing so, they really believe in being radical; they take “out of the box” seriously.  In fact, the CEO joked with me that he was concerned that they hadn’t been called to a government hearing in over a year.  Love it. J

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