November 5, 2008

To Believe Again

I had become so jaded. After working in politics and large NGOs, I had seen so much crap. Experienced so much pain. Slammed my head against so many walls. I had given up and lost my faith. So I left. I left America and came to South Africa in search of renewal. I wanted to believe again. I wanted to believe that doing service could in fact lead to change.

Today – the day Americans have elected President Barack Obama – my faith is renewed. I remember now why I began in public service. I remember now why my parents left everything they knew behind to immigrate to the United States. I remember now that in America change is in fact possible. I remember now that in America, unlike many places in the world, everyone has a chance - black, white, purple or green – rich, poor or in between – in the United States you really can move beyond societal castes. Today I learned that anyone can be President of the United States. And today, I believe again.